Go Chargers!

After spending tough 10 days in my hometown, I am very happy do be back again. Dealing with my Family had me facing a stressful time, which was lightened up by old and new friends, food and drinks and also some moments with less crazy family members. 

I was suddenly facing all the problems in my County and couldn’t really prepare for them. At some points I wanted to go back to my teenage life and teenage problems, like a normal College girl. I dedicated this outfit to that feeling. The whole shoot gave me a few moments of freedom, which I despretly needed.


For me, white represents freedom and simplicity, so I chose a white Jersey Dress by H&M. Light fabric and a bright colour is what makes this dress amazing. 


Unfortunately I’m together with a big Chargers Fan so that’s the explanation for the cap. 






Nothing screams “College” like my favourite Sweat N°32 by Brandy Melville. Embrace Life, embrace what makes you different.  


We all have a little Beatle(s) in us, somewhere deep down.




Lots of kisses





Thinking back at the sunny days in Egypt is definitely my latest obsession, especially since it’s constantly raining in Germany and it really gets your mood down. I apologise for my recent absence, but I’m really booked out for the next few months. School, Music Projects & Sports are taking the best of me at the moment.

I’m currently working on my “Pssssssst, get to know K” post for the Blog, where you can get to know me in person & I hope you will like it 😉

In the meantime, enjoy some great Streetstyles and my latest outfits here on TKS ❤


My Lokai bracelet is my trusty companion when it comes to mastering the everyday challenges, check it out HERE! Also the Monaco bracelet is one of my favourites, a nice souvenir from Monte Carlo 😉 IMG_7613 IMG_7604

Hollister Co. Flannel in blue/red paired up with white shorts are the perfect summer combination. Nail polish by ESSIE aruba blue


Espadrilles by SuperDry, love them!!! IMG_7609

Fly High everyone!

Pssssssst, get to know K COMING SOOOOOOOON! 😉

Lots of kisses


Shopping Queen

Hi everyone! 

I hope you had a brilliant day, I know I did. Shopping is always fun but after the long day of trying on and walking around for hours, it’s nice to have a relaxed evening.

After I got back from Munich, I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep in the train 😀 but right now I’m totally comfy in my blanket with a hot latte in my hand, writing about the super buzzy day.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy


Found this super cool phrase on the white tee from Zara, so cute!


Outfit for the day:

Jeans Abercrombie&Fitch

Hoodie Brandy Melville

Trenchcoat Stradivarius

Longchamp bag

Adidas by Stan Smith


Things I bought today, not much but still enough!

Awesome new black pants from Pieces

Espadrilles by Superdry

Scarf and Bracelets by Accessorize 

Cute top from H&M


Having a break from the walking (sigh)


Beautifully arranged breakfast-in-bed by Zara Home

Lots of kisses


Enjoy Life

Hi gorgeous,

Everyone loves printed tees! We got a casual summer look for you with bright colours and a lot of skin for a hot day. Top Tip: Don’t forget your @RayBan

Combine white shorts with the bright red “Enjoy Coca Cola ” t-shirt. This tee is pretty long so you can either leave it to hang loose or tuck into the high-waisted pants. I made those pants shorter by cutting the lower line and pulling out a few strings of fabric to accomplish the destroyed look and make the shorts look way hotter than before. I love the way the shorts fit with the inscription on the tee, which makes these two a perfect match!

I chose just two simple bracelets, a few rings and a white flower as an accessory for my hair. It looks really nice for the summer and makes the outfit look even cuter. Match a small bag with this outfit where you can put your phone and money for a cold drink. White and comfy espadrilles for a walk on the beach or pretty much everywhere and you’re ready to go!

. IMG_6334 IMG_6425 Love the little flower in my hair it looks so cute!

IMG_6398  IMG_6423The @lokai bracelet looks so awesome with this look and helps you keep your balance! A Rainbow-Loom bracelet made by a cute fan of mine is perfect for the summer and I just love the colours!

IMG_6410“Peace” & “Fuck the System” such great phrases for a wild teen!

Lots of kisses