Go Chargers!

After spending tough 10 days in my hometown, I am very happy do be back again. Dealing with my Family had me facing a stressful time, which was lightened up by old and new friends, food and drinks and also some moments with less crazy family members. 

I was suddenly facing all the problems in my County and couldn’t really prepare for them. At some points I wanted to go back to my teenage life and teenage problems, like a normal College girl. I dedicated this outfit to that feeling. The whole shoot gave me a few moments of freedom, which I despretly needed.


For me, white represents freedom and simplicity, so I chose a white Jersey Dress by H&M. Light fabric and a bright colour is what makes this dress amazing. 


Unfortunately I’m together with a big Chargers Fan so that’s the explanation for the cap. 






Nothing screams “College” like my favourite Sweat N°32 by Brandy Melville. Embrace Life, embrace what makes you different.  


We all have a little Beatle(s) in us, somewhere deep down.




Lots of kisses



Something Navy

IMG_8295 IMG_8306 IMG_8352IMG_8338IMG_8358

In love with details . . .



Jeans by Zara (similar here)

Shirt by Zara

Sandals by Birkenstock Madrid Graceful Pearl White (found in BARTU Munich)

Accessorise: Necklace Vintage (Prag), Bracelet Selfmade

Rosé Flavour

I am so falling for rosé this season!

When it comes to nail polish, bags or dresses everything has to be in this lovely color. The new H&M collection “H&M CONSCIOUS” created this tee for the romantic summer look (ca 15€). The texture is smooth and never sticks to your skin, which I totally appreciated when the temperatures got up to 40°C. I always try to stay natural in Summer, means wearing elegant colors like white and gold. Don’t get lost in the flower printed pieces, which can sometimes be really hard to match with your other clothes. Try timeless outfits with less color, but statement accessories.



White shorts by Tally Weil (ca 30€)IMG_7497

Don’t forget the matching nail polish “sugar daddy” by Essie (ca 9€)IMG_7498

White Sandals by Tommy Hilfiger (ca 80€)IMG_7502

Here I added some gold and white accessories, like the pearl bracelets by Assesorize (ca 10€)


A messy bun is a MUST when it comes to summer hairstyles! Simply tie a ponytail, then wrap the falling hair around the hair tie and fix it with another hair tie. Use your fingers to take some of the hair out and DONE!


Lots of kisses



Every once in a while we all have that little breakdown, when all that we wanna do is throw everything away and fly off to another place. Yeah, I know the feeling.

After six weeks of exams and stressful weekends, I decided to get away from everything.

One last-minute offer, a 4 hour flight from Munich to Marsa Alam, one 10 minutes drive later and I’m in heaven! And this little place even has a name: Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort.

The 5* hotel is located near Marsa Alam and lies in a perfectly round bay with only water on one and a lot of sand on the other side. THE spot to relax & shut down for a few days!


Healthy Breakfast at 5am mmmmmm


Best Travel Buddies 😀


Lost in thought, or asleep 😉

The perfect Outfit for Traveling: 

PicMonkey Collage

 Chinos by Zara (ca 40€)

Military Jacket by Urban Outfitters (ca 120€)

 Hat by Zara (ca 20€)

 Espadrilles by Superdry (ca 40€)

Tank Top by American Apparel (ca 35€)

Bracelet by Lokai (ca 20€)


Can’t wait to be in Egypt AGAIN!!!!

Sending jet-legged kisses from Egypt!