Upper East Sider

Rain, falling leaves and cold temperatures – Fall has approached and replaced the warm sunny days.  I mostly never know what to wear because of the unpredictable weather at this time of year, but I do focus on simple patterns and dark colours.

This look, inspired by the Upper East Side, is perfect for the cold and rainy days and still looks incredibly fashionable. Warm cashmere sweater for the warm and this cute skirt for the chic part.

IMG_8726IMG_8728IMG_8730 IMG_8738 IMG_8743 IMG_8749 IMG_8751 IMG_8755 IMG_8763 IMG_8765 IMG_8775IMG_8719

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Chelsea BOOTS by Gabor


Enjoy Life

Hi gorgeous,

Everyone loves printed tees! We got a casual summer look for you with bright colours and a lot of skin for a hot day. Top Tip: Don’t forget your @RayBan

Combine white shorts with the bright red “Enjoy Coca Cola ” t-shirt. This tee is pretty long so you can either leave it to hang loose or tuck into the high-waisted pants. I made those pants shorter by cutting the lower line and pulling out a few strings of fabric to accomplish the destroyed look and make the shorts look way hotter than before. I love the way the shorts fit with the inscription on the tee, which makes these two a perfect match!

I chose just two simple bracelets, a few rings and a white flower as an accessory for my hair. It looks really nice for the summer and makes the outfit look even cuter. Match a small bag with this outfit where you can put your phone and money for a cold drink. White and comfy espadrilles for a walk on the beach or pretty much everywhere and you’re ready to go!

. IMG_6334 IMG_6425 Love the little flower in my hair it looks so cute!

IMG_6398  IMG_6423The @lokai bracelet looks so awesome with this look and helps you keep your balance! A Rainbow-Loom bracelet made by a cute fan of mine is perfect for the summer and I just love the colours!

IMG_6410“Peace” & “Fuck the System” such great phrases for a wild teen!

Lots of kisses


For no morning person

Good morning sunshines!

We all know the feeling of waking up at 7am, more tired than you ever imagined to be. You sit up in your bed while the minutes pass, trying to keep your eyes opened. Maybe you shouldn’t have stayed up way too late with the new book you just bought or maybe you should have skipped the latest episode of “Suits” and gone to bed early.

So when you are in the same position as I am every morning you need some tricks to get you going through the whole day.

Have your outfit picked out

The first thing I spot in the morning is my outfit that I picked out for the day neatly folded on my armchair. I mean you need some motivation to get up! If the weather looks different than I expected I always have a back up plan. Next to my outfit there is always a well packed Longchamp bag with everything I need, from hairbrush to notebook.

Pack your bag in advance

Getting your stuff sorted and well packed in your bag can really save time in the morning and get you to your feet. Just grab a water bottle, a snickers and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to sort your stuff in the bag, especially if you have things than are sensitive like phone or something to eat. I usually pack everything like this: This way I always know where to find everything and don’t have to empty my whole bag.

I took the time to empty my purse, so check out the things I always have with me

Packed bag for the day

Macbook + iPhone / Key with my new LADURÉE keychain / RayBan Clubmaster sunglasses / My favourite watch (Timex) / The must-have MOLESKINE planer / Essie “pinking about you” nail lacquer 

How to structure your morning

I’m really not a morning person and that is why I try to keep things slow in the morning. Having picked out the perfect dress with a black leather jacket and the new flats for a warm spring day saves me at least 15 minutes in which I can concentrate on more important things, like checking my phone. So don’t waste your time in the early hours but try to plan the time you have till your friend picks you up in her new car.

Lots of kisses