Go Chargers!

After spending tough 10 days in my hometown, I am very happy do be back again. Dealing with my Family had me facing a stressful time, which was lightened up by old and new friends, food and drinks and also some moments with less crazy family members. 

I was suddenly facing all the problems in my County and couldn’t really prepare for them. At some points I wanted to go back to my teenage life and teenage problems, like a normal College girl. I dedicated this outfit to that feeling. The whole shoot gave me a few moments of freedom, which I despretly needed.


For me, white represents freedom and simplicity, so I chose a white Jersey Dress by H&M. Light fabric and a bright colour is what makes this dress amazing. 


Unfortunately I’m together with a big Chargers Fan so that’s the explanation for the cap. 






Nothing screams “College” like my favourite Sweat N°32 by Brandy Melville. Embrace Life, embrace what makes you different.  


We all have a little Beatle(s) in us, somewhere deep down.




Lots of kisses



Spring Breaker

Hello gorgeous!

It’s the end of April and spring is already at it’s highest point! Instead of rainproofs and coats we’ll take the light jackets and the sunglasses. And of course a cute spring look screams for new sneakers! Presenting the new must-haves: Adidas Originals by Stan Smith. YEEEEEEEEEKS!!! These cuties are amazing!

With beige chino pants and a light shirt from @Zara, you’ll get an outfit to die for this season.



Check out the green add on the back it’s totally cute and makes the shoes way more interesting to look at. You can get them with a black add or a red one but my personal favourites are definitely the green pair.

Tip: You should fold the ends of the chinos because 1) it just looks way more awesome and 2) this way your Adidas can get the attention they deserve.



A white tee is the best thing for a warm day in the sun. The sleeves on my @Zara shirt are a little longer which makes it perfect for the changing temperatures. The front says “IN LOVE WITH THE WORLD” and I adore how they added “I love you” in the different languages to the back. You should always try to put your hair up when you’re wearing tees like this one.


Even though they are pretty alike with the original Adidas, there are some differences. The new originals can be found with the three stripes on the side or instead with the dots, like mine. I think this is your choice if you like the real Originals or the “new designed” Originals. I would definitely buy them in all designs because they are so comfy and they look modern and cool, despite what you are wearing.


You can get theses cuties here: Adidas Originals by Stan Smith

Hope you enjoyed the post, leave a comment with your opinion 😉

Lots of kisses


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