Psssssst, get to know K

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I was born in a country faaaaaaaaaar away and I moved to Germany in 2008, right to the beautiful city of Starnberg.

I had the chance to experience new countries and most of all new people, who taught me a great deal of things. It is a really big step moving to a totally different place, but I’m glad I dared it, the experience made me wiser.

There are so many things that I love about life, this blog will show you!

I adore music and art. My uncle is the greatest painter and I really think that I inherited some of the artistic gene. Apart from creative stuff I like to do a lot of sports, because keeping your mind and body healthy is an important aspect in todays ever-changing world.

I think it’s a shame to waste a good outfit on a bad day, so yes fashion is very important to me. It’s not only what you wear, it’s your character that is shown to the world through your clothes. When you understood that, you can truly be free when it comes to choosing your own style.

People often ask me why I started this blog, when there are too many of these anyway. The answer is so simple: I do it for myself. I do it to escape the everyday stress in school and all the other obligations. If we don’t do something creative next to our work, how can we grow and thrive? This blog is the one place I can truly express my own ideas and thoughts, like a painter in his painting, I put all of my imagination into this little piece of art.

“Embrace what makes you different!” – is my motto, not only when it comes to blogging but also when it comes to my personality.

Lots of kisses



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