Every once in a while we all have that little breakdown, when all that we wanna do is throw everything away and fly off to another place. Yeah, I know the feeling.

After six weeks of exams and stressful weekends, I decided to get away from everything.

One last-minute offer, a 4 hour flight from Munich to Marsa Alam, one 10 minutes drive later and I’m in heaven! And this little place even has a name: Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort.

The 5* hotel is located near Marsa Alam and lies in a perfectly round bay with only water on one and a lot of sand on the other side. THE spot to relax & shut down for a few days!


Healthy Breakfast at 5am mmmmmm


Best Travel Buddies 😀


Lost in thought, or asleep 😉

The perfect Outfit for Traveling: 

PicMonkey Collage

 Chinos by Zara (ca 40€)

Military Jacket by Urban Outfitters (ca 120€)

 Hat by Zara (ca 20€)

 Espadrilles by Superdry (ca 40€)

Tank Top by American Apparel (ca 35€)

Bracelet by Lokai (ca 20€)


Can’t wait to be in Egypt AGAIN!!!!

Sending jet-legged kisses from Egypt!



La Ville français 

Bonjour et bienvenue to the french week in Starnberg!
This magical event takes place in spring, this time from  May 11 until May 17. We, the people of Starnberg loooooooooove the french week! Who wouldn’t?!


The town is decorated in blue, red and white accessories and the party is just around the corner. At our Kirchplatz  to be exact and there is so much more! Restaurants, Cafés and the best entertainers meet on one spot and stay there this entire week. French delicacies are being served, musicians are entertaining the crowd and the best french wine is being poured from everywhere you look. A party with class, but a party never the less! You can buy a delicious bottle of wine from 20€ and up, so there is something for everyone.


The people here are even better! The young and broke, the old and rich. Everyone gathers here to enjoy the delicacies of life itself and escape the routine of boring everyday    .

Don’t forget to join the party if you’re near Starnberg, and if you aren’t then simply take the next train because this event shouldn’t be missed for the world!

Salut et  bissous de Starnberg


Shopping in Munich

Hey gorgeous,

What better way to escape the daily stress than to put on some heels and go shopping! I went this Saturday to buy some new stuff for the warm temperatures and of course for my dearest blog! Hope you’re as exited as I am for the upcoming outfits yeeeeeeeks!!!

But first thing’s first, here are the top 10 best shops in Munich you mustn’t miss when you’re visiting the city. Happy shopping everyone!

1. Hallhuber €€€


A german exclusive fashion brand with some great pieces for 
every modern fashionista.

2. Cos €€€

PicMonkey Collage 2

The high fashion Brand from Stockholm, Sweden. Luxury pieces with amazing accessories & timeless design.

3. Ludwig Beck €€€

The department store founded in 1861 full with luxury 
Brands of the fashion world. Don't miss a sneak peek into 
this amazing store!

4. Konen €€ / €€€


The Munich's traditional fashion store with over 200 
designers who settled into the KONEN store in the 
Sendlingerstraße 3 (Sendlinger street)

5. Hofstatt

1.Brandy Melville €€ / €€€

PicMonkey Collage3

Invented in Italy, designed in L.A. a perfect mix from 
american and european fashion (one size only)

2. Calzedonia € / €€

Best Leggings, Swimwear and silk tights

3. CODELLO €€€


Amazing scarfs and silk cloths for every season 
+ cases 4 iPhone/iPad

4. Hollister & CO. €€ / €€€


Typically West Coast: Popular young fashion 
Get some hot super skinny jeans on sale for 39€

5. Sudued €€

Italian Fashion, fresh and juicy with cute and modern Styles.

6. American Apparel €€€

Designed in Los Angeles, made for ultimate Hipsters.

7. Urban Outfitters €€€

PicMonkey Collage

American Brand NEW since 07.11.2014 get high wasted jeans, 
oversized shirts, cute hats in awesome designs
(Caution! 4 Hipsters)

8. U-Style €€

PicMonkey Collage

All the best brands in one place! Here you can buy every 
style & great Sales.

Lots ok kisses


My mommy’s the best!

Happy Mother’s Day gorgeous!

Hope your moms are being treated like goddesses on this amazing day! Say I LOVE YOU to your mom as often as you can, one day you will wish she would be there to help you or to share special moments with you.

The one woman who will never judge you and will always love you, Thank you Mom, for being the best person in the world! I love you J.P.

IMG_7106 IMG_7109

A little something I got my mom, she was so happy and that made my day!

Lots of kisses to all the moms and their amazing daughters out there!