Marsa Alam

After a few days I finally managed to gather some pics from our latest trip to Egypt. I’m still sad for having to leave this beautiful country with it’s breathtaking sceneries and the magical game between sand and water. We dived, we played all kinds of sports & we enjoyed the hotel extras as good as we could 😉 Cold drinks are brought to you whenever you want (snacks of course too), you can relax on one of the three pools or rather go down to the beach and swim around the reef of the Red Sea with thousands of different fish accompanying you. A wonderful country with an old history and tradition, which you must visit one day. The people, the weather and the surrounding will surly take your breath away!

Egypt is all about contradictions, like here sand,death & trees,life

Egypt is all about contradictions like here: sand,death & trees,life.                                             Life in the middle of the dessert.

The rooms we stayed in were all part of a small village in an old egyptian way

The rooms we stayed in were all part of a small village built in the old egyptian style.                   I immediately fell in love with them!

A beautiful bar

A Shisha Bar

Covered in Flowers IMG_7644

Beautiful buildings covered in Flowers


Walking through the hotel’s garden, you feel like in paradise.

IMG_7647 IMG_7648 IMG_7650

Breathtaking beach in Coraya Bay – Marsa Alam



Enjoying the sun with a nice book & a cold drink! 😉


Beach Outfit: Shorts by Hollister Co. (ca 60€) + Top by H&M (ca 30€)

Lots of kisses



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