Every once in a while we all have that little breakdown, when all that we wanna do is throw everything away and fly off to another place. Yeah, I know the feeling.

After six weeks of exams and stressful weekends, I decided to get away from everything.

One last-minute offer, a 4 hour flight from Munich to Marsa Alam, one 10 minutes drive later and I’m in heaven! And this little place even has a name: Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort.

The 5* hotel is located near Marsa Alam and lies in a perfectly round bay with only water on one and a lot of sand on the other side. THE spot to relax & shut down for a few days!


Healthy Breakfast at 5am mmmmmm


Best Travel Buddies 😀


Lost in thought, or asleep 😉

The perfect Outfit for Traveling: 

PicMonkey Collage

 Chinos by Zara (ca 40€)

Military Jacket by Urban Outfitters (ca 120€)

 Hat by Zara (ca 20€)

 Espadrilles by Superdry (ca 40€)

Tank Top by American Apparel (ca 35€)

Bracelet by Lokai (ca 20€)


Can’t wait to be in Egypt AGAIN!!!!

Sending jet-legged kisses from Egypt!



3 thoughts on “Fly HIGH

  1. There are few things as great as little last minute getaways. When holiday is deeply needed, you enjoy it even more than when you plan it ahead. Enjoy your hotel stay and the sun! 🙂

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