Blow a kiss, fire a gun

Hey gorgeous one,

Being young isn’t just looking young, it much more than that. It’s being courageous, being selfless, trying out new things, not being afraid of the future, maybe not even thinking about the future but rather living the moment. Being silly and crazy at 3am and not caring that it’s Saturday and you just woke up at 2pm. Looking at rain and not seeing the bad weather but seeing the rainbow. Who doesn’t want to be like this forever! Here are 6 tips from a full-time teen how to keep your soul young forever

1. Try out the NEWIMG_5229

A new drink, a new restaurant, a different music genre… Doesn’t matter but as we all know from Barney “NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER!”. So why not try out something completely unknown? Even if it’s a new drink it can feel like a step towards becoming young again, becoming brave again. Maybe you’ll try the Chinese restaurant that opened up last week or talk to some people in the subway, get to know them. Try to look at things from a different perspective and stop thinking about the future so much! It will come when it decides to, no need to rush it.

2. Wardrobetumblr_nb0fhgAvgN1sjndeso1_500

Maybe you feel old because of all the granny like knit sweaters and orthopedic shoes that you’re wearing? No wonder you feel like 70 already! Being young isn’t always about walking around naked in crop tops and mini skirts, it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new styles and outfits. Maybe you can help yourself by… (drum beats) GOING SHIPPING! Change your style, get your ass into some comfy tight jeans so people actually notice your behind. Try to be a little more sexy, noticeable, make them look at you. The attention is helping with your self-confidence and making you feel prettier and younger. How about some new black pumps or a nice midi skirt? Maybe a cute white shirt with a low neckline or a tight cocktail dress? Whatever it is try it out, don’t back away 😉

3. Frinedzzzzztumblr_mhf7mnizwr1ry5y49o1_500

Take a look around you and think about the people who are surrounding you. Are they fun? Do they like laughing and doing stupid things? Then you are definitely in good hands! Are they kinda nerdy and just discuss politics and the prices at the supermarket? Then dare a step forward and get to know people who are more opened to the world and still like partying like they are twenty-one. I’m not talking about drinking every weekend till you’re knocked dead, rather a few glasses of wine and some girl talk about the new hottie at work. If you’re not into girl talk then why not go out with a few of your guy friends? Sometimes they are way more fun than girls and help you stay young with their cute comments on how you lost weight 😉

4. Motivation people! IMG_4018

A few months ago I really got negative and a total ass because of finals and all the other stuff that I had going on. So I asked myself how can I be ME again and not this depressed weirdo, so I decided to improve my mood from the very beginning of the day. On Pinterest I started searching for motivation quotes and I didn’t just take every single one that I came across, I mostly copied only the ones that I really loved, the ones that touched me the first time I read them. Some were from Einstein, Van Gogh and even from Disney Movies but they were all wonderful and really got me going. I made little cards with one quote per card and put them in a cute pink box. Every morning when I got up I took one of the cards from the box and put it in my @MOLSKINE planer. Then I would read the quote it every time I opened the planer and would smile to myself. I really helped me stay positive so I can definitely recommend it, try it out and tell me how it went 🙂

Here you can see my MOTIVATION-WALLPAPER: Life Motivation

5. Do sports382165d0-9827-0131-cc5d-6253352b35d4 (1)

I know what you’re thinking right now so stop it! Sport isn’t always torture, it can actually be real fun! I’m not saying you should start doing impossible things, like running as if you were part of the athletic club – I’m talking baby steps! Is there something that you really wanted to try but never did? Break dance, Soccer, Hiking… If you have time why not try it out? Or if you would rather escape the world of way too much social media, try running. Download the Nike+ Running App and set your goals. You don’t have to run every day, start with 1 to 2 runs per week. Also get some friends who would also like to do sports and hit the road with them. I play soccer but also try to run and swim regularly. Sport it a real escape for me and afterwards you just feel relieved and free and young.

6. TravelP1060466

“If traveling was for free, you’d never see me again” There really is something about that quote that makes you feel like grabbing your backpack and running for the hills. So you feel young and happy a change a tapestry it required. So go, get out there! Doesn’t matter if yo take the train to the next city or if you fly over the world just do it! Your soul needs change, different scenery, new people, new atmosphere. Don’t you want to see the whole world? Well I do, so I try to travel 4 to 7 times per year even if it’s simply visiting a friend in Munich. “But it’s so expensive!” you say, well maybe your standards are too high? You don’t have to stay in a 5-star hotel, there is a thing called camping, it’s the next big thing. If money is your issue you should try saving for when you plan to travel and then look for last-minute offers, some great hotels are mostly half as expensive as they are when you book them in advance. Here are a few german sites: Urlaubs Piraten , Trivago , Wimdu

Lots of kisses



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