Brunch time

My beloved Sunday!

The day of rest and peace, the day of getting up late and most important of all, the day of Brunch!  Thank god for the English people in the18th century for coming up with the glorious idea of a late breakfast but an early lunch. Who doesn’t love long white covered tables with tons of food and a full glass of champagne?

We meet with our friends and family in nice cafés or restaurants to relish the great food over some chatter about who is currently dating who and catch up on the latest gossip. As the talk goes on glasses are refilled, new plates have been set and eaten, dessert and fruit has already been served. Brunch is the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the amenities of life , forgetting about your obligations for the day or all the things that have to be done till monday. With my dearest acquaintances Bruch usually lasts from 10am until 2pm always ending with laughter, kisses, hugs and promises of another meeting at the same place next week. If you’re an epicure like myself, you appreciate Bruch more than any other set event in your calendar so OF COURSE you have to look your best for this big event. “A mix of trendy and chic” keep that motto in mind when you’re choosing the perfect outfit.

IMG_6884 Version 2

I simply adore the colour white, because it looks so opened and bright! That way you can combine it with every other pattern or colour you like, it will always fit to the theme of an early morning (new beginning, bright, sunrise).Version 2

I think this outfit definitely makes you seem younger but at the same time pretty mature, so you get the best of both worlds!IMG_6942IMG_6886

The must-have sneakers from Adidas are also responsible for the “trendy” part of the whole style. The white shoes refer to the white shirt, with a little green to pimp up the smooth colours from the More&More blazer. IMG_6893

So on the one hand we have the white oversized shirt and the adorable beige blazer for the “chic” in the outfit. For the “trendy” part choose a super skinny jeans with a few holes to add a little rebelliousness to the upper part.IMG_6949

The cute ripped jeans from Hollister are always a Must. For every oversized top you need a tight bottom 😉

Enjoy your Sunday gorgeous!

Lots of kisses



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