Keep it cool

Okay, so what do you do first thing in the morning? Coffee exactly! So what to do first in the morning when it’s already 25 degrees outside and you’re already sweating?!  So what I discoved back in Paris was the greatest iced coffee I have ever tased! In the many Starbucks Coffee Shops you can get a delicious thing like this:     Yes, people they actually spelled my name right and didn’t even ask! That would be the first 😉 and YES Katarina without an “h”, thank you very much.  So the not-so-hot drink up there is my now new favorite companion for the upcoming summer: The Coffee Frappuccino!  No, it doesn’t really look delicious on the Starbucks site BUT you can always hope for the nice hottie to ask him for extra cream on the top and I bet there will even be a heart on that thing 😀  Enjoy the hot temperaturem my gorgeous friends!  Lots of kisses K


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