Bienvenue à Monte Carlo

Walking around the Port Hercule and watching the most luxury yachts from around the world, swaying in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Next stop is the Café de Paris and the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, maybe stopping by to have a way-too expensive drink but hey your in Monaco! IMG_4494 The whole city is basically built on a hill and is full of sky scrapers decorated with patterns of flowers and modern design. Celebrities of course own an apartment in this little spot on earth, because, well it’s heaven! From the bay you can spot the whole palace of the Grimaldi royal family and enjoy the little streets inside the palace walls.

IMG_4527IMG_2260 The streets are built upon each other so as a pedestrian you can choose if you would like to walk the stairs down to the bay or simply take the elevator! There are actual elevators which take you down from the top streets to the ones at sea level. On every corner you can shop all the famous brands or enjoy a coffee directly in one of the numbers cafés near the water. Of course my little Charly wanted to see the city and enjoy the hot weather with me. In summer the temperatures here are awesome, so I rocked the city in my tan skirt and the Sisley top, altogether with my navy Longchamp and a white hat for the perfect outfit.    IMG_2374IMG_2376 IMG_2405 Lots of kisses from Monaco! K


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