Spring Breaker

Hello gorgeous!

It’s the end of April and spring is already at it’s highest point! Instead of rainproofs and coats we’ll take the light jackets and the sunglasses. And of course a cute spring look screams for new sneakers! Presenting the new must-haves: Adidas Originals by Stan Smith. YEEEEEEEEEKS!!! These cuties are amazing!

With beige chino pants and a light shirt from @Zara, you’ll get an outfit to die for this season.



Check out the green add on the back it’s totally cute and makes the shoes way more interesting to look at. You can get them with a black add or a red one but my personal favourites are definitely the green pair.

Tip: You should fold the ends of the chinos because 1) it just looks way more awesome and 2) this way your Adidas can get the attention they deserve.



A white tee is the best thing for a warm day in the sun. The sleeves on my @Zara shirt are a little longer which makes it perfect for the changing temperatures. The front says “IN LOVE WITH THE WORLD” and I adore how they added “I love you” in the different languages to the back. You should always try to put your hair up when you’re wearing tees like this one.


Even though they are pretty alike with the original Adidas, there are some differences. The new originals can be found with the three stripes on the side or instead with the dots, like mine. I think this is your choice if you like the real Originals or the “new designed” Originals. I would definitely buy them in all designs because they are so comfy and they look modern and cool, despite what you are wearing.


You can get theses cuties here: Adidas Originals by Stan Smith

Hope you enjoyed the post, leave a comment with your opinion 😉

Lots of kisses


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Happy Friday gorgeous!

Are you as tired as I am from this insane week?? I can’t wait for saturday to come so I can actually relax a little bit. We have a great shoot coming this weekend all I can say is, you’re gonna enjoy Brunch even more in the future! Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it but for now let’s take it slow cause it’s friday people!

Enjoy your last day of obligations with a cream-themed outfit like I will!

It’s spring so let’s concentrate on bright colours like white, rosé, beige… I chose a basic white jeans this time from @Mango they are so comfy and really tight so you feel sexy in them. Over the white pants make sure you add something a little darker to have a contrast, I don’t really like black so navy is my first choice this time a long-sleeved @PLAYLIFE shirt.

IMG_6798 IMG_6821

The wind can really get cold in spring so you should always carry a cute scarf to 1) match your outfit and 2) keep you warm 😉 My own is a simple piece from @Codello. The rosé is my favourite and it suits the outfit way more than a white scarf.


Flats for ultimate comfort on lazy Fridays are simply a MUST! Check out these cute flats from @TommyHilfiger


I don’t know about you but I’m totally for a relaxed bag with this outfit.   The jeans bag from @TomTailor is simply perfect because pretty much everything fits in that thing! Be sure to pack your Laptop, the fruit yogurt for lunch and some beauty stuff. Even if it’s Friday and everyone will be too tired to even see you, you gotta look good!

IMG_6815 IMG_6823

Lots of kisses


Keep it cool

Okay, so what do you do first thing in the morning? Coffee exactly! So what to do first in the morning when it’s already 25 degrees outside and you’re already sweating?!  So what I discoved back in Paris was the greatest iced coffee I have ever tased! In the many Starbucks Coffee Shops you can get a delicious thing like this:     Yes, people they actually spelled my name right and didn’t even ask! That would be the first 😉 and YES Katarina without an “h”, thank you very much.  So the not-so-hot drink up there is my now new favorite companion for the upcoming summer: The Coffee Frappuccino!  No, it doesn’t really look delicious on the Starbucks site BUT you can always hope for the nice hottie to ask him for extra cream on the top and I bet there will even be a heart on that thing 😀  Enjoy the hot temperaturem my gorgeous friends!  Lots of kisses K

Enjoy Life

Hi gorgeous,

Everyone loves printed tees! We got a casual summer look for you with bright colours and a lot of skin for a hot day. Top Tip: Don’t forget your @RayBan

Combine white shorts with the bright red “Enjoy Coca Cola ” t-shirt. This tee is pretty long so you can either leave it to hang loose or tuck into the high-waisted pants. I made those pants shorter by cutting the lower line and pulling out a few strings of fabric to accomplish the destroyed look and make the shorts look way hotter than before. I love the way the shorts fit with the inscription on the tee, which makes these two a perfect match!

I chose just two simple bracelets, a few rings and a white flower as an accessory for my hair. It looks really nice for the summer and makes the outfit look even cuter. Match a small bag with this outfit where you can put your phone and money for a cold drink. White and comfy espadrilles for a walk on the beach or pretty much everywhere and you’re ready to go!

. IMG_6334 IMG_6425 Love the little flower in my hair it looks so cute!

IMG_6398  IMG_6423The @lokai bracelet looks so awesome with this look and helps you keep your balance! A Rainbow-Loom bracelet made by a cute fan of mine is perfect for the summer and I just love the colours!

IMG_6410“Peace” & “Fuck the System” such great phrases for a wild teen!

Lots of kisses


Hottest Tipp : Codello

Hello my gorgeous friends!

The spring is here so throw away the big, puffy scarfs and get yourself pimped um with a new silk cloth from “Codello”. They are classy and elegant, therefor perfect for a simple outfit like jeans and a nice white tee. You can find a lot of different colours, combinations and prints, but be careful when going to a store: It’s a lot to take in!

Here are some inspirations for your own scarf, my favourite Codello styles:

image_30383110_28_970x1182_0 image_30383110_40_970x1182_0

A two coloured scarf can help you show two different characters of yourself

image_30382778_30_970x1182_0 image_30382778_45_970x1182_0

These colourful scarfs are great for a simple outfit and add a little something rebellious.


Look at these silk clothes! Love them! Something even more classy for the tiger in you!

And if you still haven’t got enough (can’t imagine that!) check out the great Codello collection of bags, iPhone/iPad cases

image_30382582_85_970x1182_0image_30382582_85_970x1182_4 image_30234137_45_970x1182_0

Lots of kisses


Bienvenue à Monte Carlo

Walking around the Port Hercule and watching the most luxury yachts from around the world, swaying in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Next stop is the Café de Paris and the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, maybe stopping by to have a way-too expensive drink but hey your in Monaco! IMG_4494 The whole city is basically built on a hill and is full of sky scrapers decorated with patterns of flowers and modern design. Celebrities of course own an apartment in this little spot on earth, because, well it’s heaven! From the bay you can spot the whole palace of the Grimaldi royal family and enjoy the little streets inside the palace walls.

IMG_4527IMG_2260 The streets are built upon each other so as a pedestrian you can choose if you would like to walk the stairs down to the bay or simply take the elevator! There are actual elevators which take you down from the top streets to the ones at sea level. On every corner you can shop all the famous brands or enjoy a coffee directly in one of the numbers cafés near the water. Of course my little Charly wanted to see the city and enjoy the hot weather with me. In summer the temperatures here are awesome, so I rocked the city in my tan skirt and the Sisley top, altogether with my navy Longchamp and a white hat for the perfect outfit.    IMG_2374IMG_2376 IMG_2405 Lots of kisses from Monaco! K